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A common question that everyone asks is, "how can I get more sales?" And the answer isn't as simple as "do this and you will get more sales." Because there are so many steps you must take before someone makes a purchase and one of them is branding.

Branding is ESSENTIAL. Without branding what do you have? Think of it this way, branding is what initially makes a customer want to purchase from you because when they purchase your product it makes them feel a certain way. For example, Apple is a multinational technology company that sells consumer electronics and speciailizes in the iPhone but what makes them different from an Android phone? THEIR BRANDING. They have a simple, minimalistic theme with sleek visuals, that creates a desirable want for the product and on top of that you acquire a certain social status using it. You know that feeling I'm talking about when you get the newest iPhone! Even the smallest features of iMessaging that turns blue when sent creates exclusively to the brand, in fact so much exclusivity that as consumers, we made it okay to pay $1500 for a PHONE.

As you can see, it's not that your pricing is too high or that no one wants to purchase, it's the process behind it. So today, I will discuss some key factors that go into creating your brand.

Let's start with THEME.

What is theme? Let's consider the fonts you use, brand colors, speaking tone, and your overall style going into this category. Now, let's apply this to a lash business who's overall theme is pharmaceutical. The fonts they use will be plain and easy to read similar to what is on a pill bottle, their brand colors can be pink & white to make it fun and girly, their tone would be along the lines of "hey babes, your prescription is ready!" and their style would include pill bottles for packaging with a precription as a thank you card. 


Let's continue with the lash business. Visuals are very important when selling online since customers will not be able to test it out, feel it, or see it before purchasing so it's important to answer all their questions so you can get that sale! Your photos should always be clear and truly show the product. For a lash business, you NEED to show how it looks on. A while ago, I was shopping online for some lashes (support your small business babes!) but I couldn't tell what they would look like on. So long story short, I didn't end up buying them and did not return because I had no idea what I was buying.

Also, your description needs to be well.... DESCRIPTIVE! You can't say, "25mm mink lash, 10 uses." and leave it at that, if you do your customer will too! 

Here is a description from for a pair of lashes,

"What it is: A pair of premium-quality false lashes with easy-to-apply, comfortable, undetectable wear.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: These premium-quality lashes provide comfortable wear and deliver maximum impact. They are easy to apply, add volume, length and thickness to your lash look, and are undetectable, blending in with your natural lash line. Synthetic sets provide up to 20 wears and natural sets provide up to five wears."
I mean, you tell me which one you're going to buy....this description answers pretty much any question a customer may have when wanting to purchase a product online = a sale!
Finally, let's talk about VALUE.
This is something that we easily forget about because well we have cute mailers and that's all that matters...right? Wrong! So, let's change up the business, now you're selling lipgloss. You would probably say something like, "Selling vegan and cruelty-free lipglosses." That's great and all, but also is everyone else. So it's not really making you different anymore. You need to think of what makes your business special, what will entice someone to want to purchase your product? Is it your creative packaging such as prescription bottle lashes? Or maybe you have one-of-a-kind shades no one else has.  Once you find your value, this is what will align your business = getting more sales. 
I hope this article has helped with some guidance in branding.
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See you next time!

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