Karache Kosmetics is a beauty supplier and wholesale lip gloss vendor located in the US. We specialize in providing vegan and cruelty-free lip care products for resell, party/event favors and DIY gifts. No permit or MOQ is needed as we are a public vendor. 

What kind of products do you sell?

LIP GLOSSES: We provide high quality, truly hydrating, non-stick lip glosses. Our lip glosses come with a color tint that apply clear or pigment that is buildable on the lips. They come unscented, ready to use and are packaged in 8 ounce containers so that they can be completely customized to fit your brand. They do not arrive in wand tubes.

LIP SCRUBS: We provide high quality, natural, aloe vera infused lip scrubs. Our lip scrubs come flavored and some may have an added color. They ready to use and packaged in 10 ounce containers. The texture for our lip scrubs are not too dry/grainy or too juicy/liquidity. It has a "paste" like texture and does not crumble. They do not arrive in individual packaging, you must provide your own packaging.

How many can I make?

LIP GLOSSES: You may make an estimate of 15-20 squeeze tubes and 20-30 wand tubes from one 8 ounce lip gloss container.

LIP SCRUBS: Since there is a larger range of jar sizes for lip scrubs, we suggest dividing it by 10 ounces. For example if your containers are 0.5 ounces divide that by 10 and you will have an (estimate) of 20 lip scrubs you can make from one 10 ounce lip scrub container. 

How do I fill lip gloss tubes?

You will need a 60ml syringe and a 3ml pipette to fill the tubes both available on Amazon. Trim the pipette and attach it to the tip of the syringe and fill the syringe. After you may place it into the tube and start filling, the tip of the pipette MUST reach the bottom of your tube to ensure that it fully gets filled. For a demonstration, you may look up a video on YouTube.